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I put my entire heart and soul into my website, The Call of the Craft. It's where I sell all the items I have crafted with my hands and with my heart. I make various kinds of metaphysical items for you to keep on your altar or any other sacred space in your home or office. I even have some items small enough for you to carry on the go with you!

Is there something you'd like for me to custom make just for you? Head over to the Contact page by clicking the button below, and send me a message letting me know what kind of item you'd like me to create for you!

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Witch Bottles

My Witch Bottles are filled with all kinds of herbs, flowers, and... 

Moon Water

Moon water can be used for rituals, spell work, brewing magickal potions... 

  • Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns by The Call of the Craft

    Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns

    I LOVE this so much. When it's all lit up it is even more magical. Also appreciate the extra little goodies I got with my order, seller was very sweet and will definitely be back in the future when I have more spending money!

    - Katelyn Magnan

  • Custom Witch Bottle by The Call of the Craft

    Custom Witch Bottle

    Amazing!!! The jar made for me is so perfect and fits in amazingly on my altar. Thank you!

    - Kaytea

  • Mason Jar Fairy Lanterns - The Call of the Craft

    Mason Jar Fairy Lanters

    Super adorable <3 I love the arrangement on the mushies & the pine cone with the flower are magical. The lights are perfect for the jar. Thank you!

    - Jessica A. Brennan

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